What do the programs offer?

The programs are offered to children ages 18 months - 6 years with a wide range of challenges and special needs. These are offered on an individual basis or in small groups, depending on the needs of the children and parents. These programs are possible through a strong partnership of professionals and agencies within a community who ideally are trained together. Movement and play are used to provide pediatric therapies and strategies. Programs help to:

  • Develop sensory motor skills and early physical literacy (gross motor coordination, strength, weight bearing, body awareness, etc.);
  • Develop early group participation and communication skills in preparation for pre-school kindergarten programs (sitting in a circle, waiting for a turn, following a sequence, listening for instructions in a noisy environment);
  • Educate parents, care providers, and special needs workers about appropriate sensorimotor activities for individual children

What can I expect from the therapy programs?

A team of pediatric specialists including an Occupational Therapist and Speech & Language pathologist will work towards the program goals by:

  • Using the equipment available to create sensory-motor activities (such as mini-slide or trampoline, mats, foam pit, etc.);
  • Setting individual goals in the areas of self-regulation, gross motor development, language, and readiness for group participation and school;
  • Having a Tumbling Together Parent Support Specialist or Program Leader explain the activities and strategies used in the program.
  • Discussing how some of the strategies can be used at home, daycare, or school;
  • Providing a final report to parents describing the progress, helpful strategies, and recommendations.

What other important information should I know?

  • The parents/caregivers are key partners in the program and must be engaged. Most programs are NOT drop off programs but require parents to be present either in a 'hands on' (with coachiing) or guided observation model. Thoes where parenats are not present require very close, regular communication with leaders.
  • The program duration depends on the child's age and needs but can vary from 20-50 minutes per week. Speak to your therapist for more details.
  • You are entering a judgment-free zone where we work as a team to find the best ways to support your child.