Our Vision

Creating a community where every parent and caregiver knows they have the support of collaborative and non-judgmental people.

Our Mission

To explicitly teach adults co-regulation and easy-to-use strategies to assist toddlers and preschoolers, especially those with special needs, how to connect, engage, and participate in the world around them.

Our Values

  • Interprofessional Collaboration: A new way of thinking that fosters a non-judgmental and cooperative environment between multiple organizations and professions
  • Flexibility: Understanding that every person and organization's needs are different, and having the flexibility to modify programs and training to meet these needs
  • Kindness to Ourselves & Others: We do not expect ourselves or others to have the perfect solution but rather to work together towards a solution that meets the needs
  • Parents are Essential: Parent involvement and feedback is critical to ensuring we have meaningful programs and strategies
  • Movement: Recognize the importance of movement and physical literacy FUNdamentals in early childhood education as a foundation for lifelong physical activity and learning
  • Success is Redefined: Success is dependent on the situation and must constantly be redefined
  • Above all, Have FUN: Even when working hard it is important to not be so focused on goals and outcomes that we forget to have FUN. It is by having fun that we develop some of our greatest ideas