Non-judgmental Environment

Professionals collaborate in a supportive and non-judgmental interprofessional environment to individualize the programs and strategies to meet each child's unique needs.

FUN Movement-Based Situational Learning

Children are explicitly taught group participation and school readiness skills, including self-regulation strategies.


Parents and caregivers participate in the programs to learn how to co-regulate and help use functional self-regulation strategies to help their child achieve maximal independence.

About Us

Our programs incorporate movement and situational learning to explicity teach strategies in self-regulation, functional communication, and gross motor skills in a heavily supported therapeutic group setting. The context is a fun, age appropriate, sensory rich environment to help children learn to attain, maintain, and regain the optimal state of being calm, alert, connected, and participating.

Our Programs

Interprofessional and collaborative programs to explicitly teach children self-regulation skills and help them develop the ability to obtain the optimal state of calm, alert, connected, and participating. All of our programs teach co-regulation strategies to adults for better engagement and participation of children, espcially those with special needs.

Building Blocks to Co-Regulation training is available for all of our programs teaching the Tumbling Together™ philosophy along with essential strategies and program curricula.

Little Kids Gotta Move™

Offered by Early Childhood Educators to incorporate movement and weekly strategies to explicitly teach group participation and self-regulation skills to toddlers and preschoolers.

Tumbling Together™

Intensive therapy program in a gymnastics club offered by a specialized Tumbling Together™ interprofessional team using all the key concepts, methods, and strategies.